Joe Exotic’s song ‘I Saw a Tiger’ is a streaming hit

Joe Exotic’s music has seen a spike in streaming numbers since the release of Netflix’s hit docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.

Exotic’s song, I Saw a Tiger, was added to Spotify on March 30 “following a clamoring from fans to get it added on the platform,” a Spotify representative said in a statement to Cnet.

Although the Tiger King star did not sing or write any of the songs, they were performed under his name. Exotic’s music was written and performed by Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton.

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Johnson told Slate that they “connected with Joe Exotic via an ad looking for someone to write a theme song for his private zoo as well as the in-the-works reality TV show about it.”

“He seemed like a dandy,” Johnson told the outlet which also noted that Exotic seemed to feature his vocals mixed over over Collins’ and Johnson’s recordings for a few songs.