From ‘Big Break’ reruns to staying fit, Ryann O’Toole recharging during this big break

Ryann O’Toole isn’t sure what lies ahead with the coronavirus pandemic continuing to wreak havoc around the world, but she’s enjoying a reflective look back this week.

As one of Golf Channel’s “Big Break” reality TV stars, she is enjoying the marathon replay of the 2010 Sandals Resort episodes on Monday.

“It’s a trip down memory lane,” O’Toole said. “I look back and think, ‘I was just a baby.’”

O’Toole joined the all-female cast in those episodes not fully realizing the impact it would have on her, even today.

Ten years later, O’Toole, now 33, is an LPGA veteran, a former Solheim Cup member, but …

“As long as I’ve been on tour, people still remember me for “Big Break,”” O’Toole said. “It’s amazing the impact reality TV has on our society, how people get to know you as an individual. I felt like I gained so many fans and followers because of that show, who continue to follow me and my career.

“I learned a lot doing that. I learned how to speak in front of a camera, how to do interviews. I’m glad I did it.”